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Posted by Dave Houser on Jul 22, 2005

West Systems recommends using chopped fiber to thicken epoxy in structural joints. I use Raka epoxy with their chopped (cotton) fiber and it makes a mix that looks like apple sauce. When cured it is semi transparent white. It scapes and sands much easier than fumed silica (Cabosil) thickened epoxy and is not dark in color like wood flour thickened epoxy tends to be. I always mask the outside face of panel joint right at the exposed edge of the joint. It makes the clean up much easier. And the 1/4 inch of epoxy bleed into the wood fiber under the tape never shows after wetout. I scrape epoxy on the finshed side of joints and never down to bare wood to avoid the light blotches that appear when previously epoxyed bare wood gets the next epoxy coat.

West 's User Manual

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