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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jul 22, 2005

Hey, Karl

I still remember that sense of freedom night shift workers feel when they see the 9-5'ers heading out to work while we shifters were heading out to paddle. Your write-up reminded me so well of how I loved being out on the river at such a time. Gladly, I get out any time I want now because I am not working yet since being laid off. Not really looking yet either, jsut enjoying my time off.

You would do well to learn more about flora and fauna, makes write ups more interesting because us readers can better visualize what you see. I have started learning more myself because when I first started writing, I had problems describing what I was seeing.

Hey, next time you do a write up, don't appologize for length of story - write more. Write ups like yours get more folks out in their kayaks to enjoy one of the more beautiful aspects of this life that we live. Perhaps I'll start doing more write ups myself. I haven't done many write ups this year but I've been on the water 4-5 days out of each week since being laid off.

Robert N Pruden

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