Hot & Humid!!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 22, 2005

Charlie spouts: ..."gotta be REAL fast !!!!"

Hey man, I learned THAT trick quickly enough! Why, I believe it even helped on my last project. I'd never built during the summer before, and got quite a shock at just how FAST even the slow hardeners set up. So I used small batches, like you say, and became double extra vigilant about removing excess goop while I still could. I was just sure my boat was gonna be overweight since I had so little time to work my goop, but lo and behold, the 18' Outer Island came in at 36.5 lbs.

I work under an open carport, and have learned that lotsa moisture in the air can cause real problems with epoxy. Normal oppressive humidity is okay, but those post-thunderstorm steam baths, and/or any real precip, ain't. Believe me, you just ain't lived 'til you've created a bright wooden boat that turns white when it gets wet.

Charlie, I'm still workin' on getting down there to see you one of these days, but it ain't like I go to Victoria a lot. Hell, I hardly go anywhere anymore with these gas prices.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Nah Kurt- ya just by Charlie Jones on Jul 21, 2005