Re: elemetary epoxy quest

Posted by LeeG on Jul 21, 2005

It's normal. What's the normal temperature you are doing this activity?

Item 1. yes it's normal, depending on the temp. It should be rock hard when fully cured. I'm guessing three days to sand if it's finger hard in 30hrs although you probably could sand it in 48.

Item 2. When it's fully cured, rock hard. Where the sanding produces dust and not softened balls of epoxy. The LAST thing you want is partially cured and aerated epoxy dust. Even though you may wear a mask it can still get in your eyes and pores. The more cured the epoxy is the easier it will sand and the less reactive it will be for you.


Read the original product literature. Go to the manufacturers website. Final cure on MAS is kind of slow so the ability to move something "in 24hrs" is not the same thing as being able to stress or machine/sand it.

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