Re: Epoxy Blunder #937

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Jul 21, 2005

I think it's more internal heat than anything. I waited to do my end pours until I had the deck on. It was 90 or so outside, and I don't have an air conditioned shop. But, having read here about the epoxy heat problem, I placed the end of the yak in a garbage can (leading to oh so wise remarks from my youngsters) with water up past where the pour would be. I mixed the epoxy well and poured. About 5 minutes later the sides of the yak, even under the water, were very hot. I looked in and the epoxy was bubbling. Ran to the freezer and got two bags of ice I had, dumped them in the can. This brought the temp of the epoxy down and things proceeded smoothly, or should I say unbubbly, from then on.

In Response to: Epoxy Blunder #937 by Rocko McCombs on Jul 21, 2005