water intrusion in cockop

Posted by James Eager on Jul 21, 2005

I finished my mc 16.5 a few weeks back and have had it out three times. I varnished the outside but never got around to doing the cockopit thinking I would be storing the boat in my garage and not giving it much uv exposure ( I did of course apply three coats of epoxy)...I could get out a few times and wait on painting the interior. After the last trip things stayed kind of damp in the cockpit for a few days and today I notice some dark grey splotches in a few locations... Not near any joits or seams though... Is water getting through? What is the fix? Do I dry it out real good and go ahead with the varnish or paint or should I apply more epoxy first. Perhaps I was overzealous in my sanding but it seems to be well coated.