Re: hatches

Posted by Karl on Jul 20, 2005

I did like you did with the lines on the plans for the CH 18. They came out fine, and by the time you varnish, and put straps across them, you'd have a hard time telling the difference in the wood color. One thing of note; I found that the gasket material that came with the kit was okay, but not great. Some water would still work it's way into the boat. I found some slightly higher durometer (stiffer) foam rubber gasket material that was an inch wide. I had to trim the corners a little when gluing it to the hatches (to make the bend), but the sealing ability is fantastic. I dicovered this when removing the screws for the backband bungees, which I had mounted into the rear bulkhead. There was a temperature variation between indoors and outdoors. When I pulled the first screw, I heard a whistle of air going through the hole as the pressure equalized. Talk about an air tight seal!!

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