Keyhole cockpit

Posted by Crystal on Jul 20, 2005

I need to decide which cockpit to place on the Hawk by tomorrow. I have both the reg. and the keyhole. I like the look of the keyhole on most boats, however, on the Hawk it seems like it runs quite far into the arched deck( which is the best looking part of the boat). So does anyone have picts of thier Hawk, with either cockpit? The good book says to mount the reg. cockpit 1-1/4" from the rear bulkhead, could the keyhole be moved back some, if I use that one,? ( I know, dont change things, but I would like to save as much of my beautiful deck as possible). IF so, how far back could I mount the keyhole? This really is a lame question I know, its mostly personal preference, but I'd like to get some opinions anyway before I decide which one to go with. ( and before you ask, I'm 5'4 and 125lbs so I fit just fine in the