Re: Inlay Update

Posted by Monterey Matt on Jul 19, 2005

Inlays went so-so. They glued down fine, and with a slightly rounded edge were pretty flush...until I did the first epoxy layer, when inexplicably parts of the sides puckered up and splintered away. Well, not inexplicably -- probably even light sanding put too much stress on the edge of the circular wood.

I started with a fiberglass patch over the inlay, but the results looked so bad I lifted it off before the epoxy dried and smoothed over.

Well, the design itself doesn't look bad at all now, but you can definitely see where the edges spintered off. Fortunately, it sort of looks like it could be a distant mountain in the background or something.

All in all, I'd say it's a mediocre result...we'll see how it goes after all the finishing is done and a coat of varnish on. I guess I can always paint the hatches for that weird look if I end up hating how the inlays look.

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