Re: Hawk under deck

Posted by Howard on Jul 19, 2005


I think you are looking pretty good. The important thing in terms of how tight... is to ensure that you are getting good contact between the deck panel and the shear edge. I also sight along the edge of the deck and the shear and make sure that I have fair (non-wavy) edge.

I would not worry about distorting the hull....if it was true to start with....all this pulling could not distort it to the extent that you would notice.

Another commenter did advise to be careful when you pull the tape. I second his caution. when you pull the tape pick a corner and pull it across the surface...avoid pulling straight up and away from the boat. will probably take some wood with it. Don't panic...your sanding prep prior to glassing will deal with any imperfections.

Keep up the good work.

In Response to: Hawk under deck by Crystal on Jul 19, 2005