Re: Hawk under deck

Posted by Dave Houser on Jul 19, 2005

I use 3M Scotch clear packing tape to clamp the deck during gluing because it stretches and does not stick to the wood too tightly or leave the glue on the epoxy. The clamping force can be increased by adding addininal layers of tape. The problem I have had with tto much force is the the deck bows up in the middle and underside of the deck lifts up along the inside edge of the shear clamp and only touched along the outside edge. The deck may then pop away from the shear clamp if the shear is rounded by planing off the corner. The deck may also bow up leaving a gap at the top of the bulkheads and beams. To avoid bowing the deck up trim the overhang of the deck to a minimum (less than 1/2 inch past the shears) and do not over clamp the deck with too much tape force.

In Response to: Hawk under deck by Crystal on Jul 19, 2005