Oofff, ungh

Posted by RogerJ on Jul 19, 2005

Ok so now I know what all the yakking about light weight is about. I got the for'd and aft decks glassed, on the out side. I had to roll the canoe to get to the buried mast hole I lost, I sanded off the location marks in my entheus, enth, hurry to get the sanding done. The carlins didn't rip out when I grabbed them to turn it over, good. Hadda use the edge of a furniture scraper, a razor saw, hack saw blade and small wedges to get the deck off to prep for glassing the underside. Looks like more weight going in to fill the places where somes strips moved in glueing, micro-balloons maybe. Shoulda seen the look I got when I mentioned "the next boat I build". RogerJ


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