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Posted by Mike D on Jul 18, 2005

Lee, thanks for the reminder. At my age I need all the help I can get. I spent 15 minutes looking all over the shop for my scissors last night before I found them in my back pocket. Wonder who put them there?

I ran the shear clamps across the router table to round the lower inside edges before they were glued to the panels so that part is taken care of.

I am planning on glassing the aft compartment tonight. While I am waiting for that epoxy to cure enough to trim the overhanging glass I will put fill coats on the cockpit and forward compartment glass. I will be sure to pay extra attention to the scored lines from trimming the glass under the shear clamps.

I am hoping that going 24 hours between the wet-out and fill coats in my 80 degree shop (cool for July in Alabama - and that is with central AC running) won't cause bonding problems.

Waiting to catch the epoxy at the right degree of cure to trim the overhanging glass really works well - thanks Howard. Now, if I could arrange to start earlier in the day so as not to run into the wee hours of the morning...

Happy building, MD

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