Re: Oops! Hatch Stiffener

Posted by Monterey Matt on Jul 17, 2005

Thanks, guys. The solution presented itself when I discovered the original piece had snapped all the way through. I didn't have any scrap on hand other than the rest of the original stiffener, but when I measured it, it was less than an inch shorter than the original, so I just used it, and it seemed totally OK.

On a related note: I've said it before, I'll say it again -- ya just can't have too many clamps. I didn't have nearly enough small spring clamps for the hatch rims, used a lot of c-clamps and large spring clamps, and that made it very difficult to get a clean outside rim of epoxy-cabosil mixture for sealant. I'll sand down the gobs when the clamps come off and I'm doing my rounding over.

Man, nice to be back on the horse.

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