don't fret

Posted by Howard on Jul 17, 2005

i came across this same issue. for some bizarre reason, clc had decided that we can get eyelets on our own and did not include them in the kit, or my kit at least, at the time i bought it.

its a great concept to buy a high quality, premium kit and the provider nicely leaves out a couple 25 cent parts so you can spend the next eight hours tracking them down...isn't it?

i had spoken to the folks at superior kayak who, at the time, said that they would talk to clc and ensure that they included the eyelets in future kits.

the exscuse that clc offered me at the time was that these were items that were easy to find at the local hardware store...NOT!.

any hardware in a boat has to be an appropriate metal...high quality stainless or the appropriate bronze to withstand a marine environment. very few "general" hardware stores stock eyelets in anything other than pot metal.

i ended up ordering the appropriate eyelets from a marine hardware store on-line (jamestown distributor)....a terrible PIA given that one just paid for a premium kit.

while your at it, check if they provided any 1/8 inch line for your hatch pulls? also you will find a pair of cable clips useful to tie your hatch to the boats they do not become seperated. clc, to their credit, sent these to me on my request...and while i poke fun at them a bit...have been very helpful in sorting through the build.

fwiw...i did send to the folks at superior kayak a list of 10 - 15 minor suggestions/corrections on their manual....that i cannot find a copy of.

the challenge is the manual is so detailed that when something is not clear, it is quite confusing becasue we are trying so hard to follow what are, generally, very explicit directions.

keep posting your questions....we will be here for you. it is a beautiful boat...and worth the effort.

In Response to: Error in the great book? by Crystal on Jul 16, 2005