the halyard

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jul 14, 2005

ties to the yard, the sail is laced to it also. You'l have to play with it a tad to find the exach place to tie it. The yard doesn't attach to the mast- the halyard holds it closely enough.

The boom has a thumb cleat type hook on it's forward end that hooks onto the mast. There is a down haul that ties in there and down to the cleat. The sheet simply ties to the boom.

Once you lay it all out it's pretty simple. Here's a link to a picture of a standing lug rig-

Here's an article by Michalak on rigging the standing lug-

Here's a link with many pictures showing a standing lug that uses a sprit boom. Slight difference but the pics are good-

If you do a google on "standing lug rig" you'll find lots of info

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