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Posted by FrankP on Jul 14, 2005

Wow, Mislav, you use a lot of consumables that I haven't even considered. I use a plastic squeegie (like a putty knife really) for all my epoxy (after my initial attempts with a brush) so I spent $1 on that, a ton of sandpaper ($30 maybe?) and a few foam brushes that I bought in bulk for $6. I used about 4 feet of 20+ feet of copper wire that came with my kit, and none of the ringnails or hardware. (Speaking of which, I'll gladly donate those to anyone who wants them and would like them...especially if you pay shipping costs. I also have all the webbing and mount hardware for the hatch kits. Just email without the "nospam" and I'll be happy to send them.)

I did spend money on extra glass ($10?) and epoxy ($80?) because I ended up glassing the underside of my aft deck and part of the underside of my foredeck and using a lot of epoxy on other projects, but I didn't really need those.

I would say, on the order of $350 seems reasonable, not counting plans and tools. That's where I went crazy with money, buying lots of new tools. I made the PVC clamps and didn't really need anything else, though I ended up buying a bunch of spring clamps as well.

Anyway, if you're diligent you can get these projects done very cheaply and have a beautiful finished product to show for it.


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