Sport Tandem

Posted by Kyle T on Jul 14, 2005

I spent a couple of hours in the front seat of a Sport Tandem yesterday evening. There have been such conflicting reports about this boat that I wasnít sure what to expect. The proud owner of this new boat (BrianB) and I had no problems with it being overly tippy. Our main problem was that we started out paddling with a group but very quickly found ourselves outdistancing the other kayaks. We will have to take a GPS next time and check the average speed. Iím sure it was well over 6 knots.

There was an issue with the seat pad location in the front which caused my legs to go to sleep but that will be easily fixed. I think the pad was slightly too far back. He should have that fixed for the next test paddle. We are planning to race the boat at the end of the month.

I give the Sport Tandem thumbs up for performance. Looks good too.