Posted by Howard on Jul 13, 2005

the amount of supplies in the package were more than adequate.

at the same time, i have built 6 boats prior to the arctic hawk i am pretty careful not to be wasteful with epoxy and additives....e.g, i end up with very little material thrown out at any step.

the trick has been to typically work in small batches and carefully guage how far any amount of material goes so that i only make what is necessary for the step.

the biggest issue i had where i came close to running out of material relates to several steps where you are cutting long lengths of glass "down the middle". that have 10 feet of 48 inch wide roll of glass, for example and you are supposed to cut it into 2 X 10 feet X 24 inches....they do not give you enough glass if you take that piece and don't cut it pretty much down the middle as described. so next time I would invest a bit more time in setting up my cutting area and checking the measurements to ensure that i got these long cuts right...

most of the cheasapeake kits are much more forgiving with regard to how precisely you need to cut your glass supply in order to get the pieces that you need without accidently cutting something too small.

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