practice makes perfect

Posted by Howard on Jul 12, 2005


as clc said, you can't use ring nails with the arctic hawk deck. the nice thing about the ropes, however, (about ropes vs ring nails) is you can practice a dry run (no glue) and get comfortable with how it will work.

i built the hawk and was a little dubious about the ropes at first...but they worked fine. i practiced it twice to make sure that when i would be working with real glue that i would know exactly how to do it.

the most important thing, like everything on the hawk, is take your time, make sure you understand the step, do your prep work and practice the step if you can....and then do it for real. for this step, the most important thing i can remember is to make sure that you get enough rope so that you can get each piece long enough (i think they recommend 4 foot lengths). make sure your ropes are at least that long...and it is a bit easier in fact if they are a tad longer. again, if you practice this will see how it works and you will get nice and comfortable with it.


In Response to: Bronze ring nails? by Crystal on Jul 12, 2005