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Posted by Mislav on Jul 12, 2005

I built 20' long, 22" beam rowing shell. Construction is similar to kayaks so the cost should be similar. I spent:

4 l (1 gallon) of epoxy+hardener 3 sheets 4mm 4x8 ply 1 sheet 6mm 4x8 ply 14 m (45') 3/4 x 3/4" fir lattice for sheer clamps 3 m (10') 5mm x 1" fir lattice for deck beam 12 m (40') 38" 4oz glass cloth wood flour collected from my ROS small amount of talc

The cost was around $300, but that's in Europe.

I also spent around $10 for rigging (bitt, padeye, stainless screws, nuts and bolts)

Still need 1 1/2 - 2 l (2 quarts) of varnish (around $30 for Hempel's alkyd-urethane marine varnish)

You'll also need a LOT of consumables: 20 m copper wire 100 or more small flat head screws or nails 100-150 latex gloves 100 mixing cups 100 mixing sticks 50-100 20ml syringes (if you don't have pumps) 10 or so brushes rollers squegees 1 l alcochol 2 l acetone (used for clening brushes) 1 l lacquer thinner silicone old rags paper towels

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