Re: ditto parallel forede

Posted by LeeG on Jul 11, 2005

I still haven't acquired those water bags with hoses and nipples,,what are they? dromedary sacks? camelbacks,,yeah,those things,they look too much like someone's about to have an enema. I like bottles.

okok,,,photo? that's too easy,,bungie coming from the left,,bungie coming from the right, lay them parallel to each other. Wrap bungie on the left around bungie on the right by wrapping it OVER itself from whence it came and going back through INSIDE the two or three loops in the wrap so that the end of the left bungie runs parallel again and out to the right. Pull tight. Repeat for bungie on the right. If you don't pull the two long ends you'll have two knots with two parallel lengths of bungie between the knots. By loosening or tightening the sliding knots you make the section in the middle larger or smaller. Nice for holding paddle shafts or tightening/loosening bungie.

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