Re: Gotta Get Inlayed

Posted by RogerJ on Jul 11, 2005

Matt do you have a Dremel or simular "moto-tool"? Most Dremel accessories fit the Craftsman tool too, one of the accessories allows use of the tool as a mini-router, or an edge sander (mini sanding drums) lots of hobby uses. Cheaper, and less powerful than a router any mistakes will probably be less catastophic if you are not familiar with routers. Prices vary on them, corded, cordless, dual speed, multispeed, variable, and power ranges, number of bits or tools included in the kit. I use my cordless for every thing but heavy load work. I have three, corded, multiple speed cordles and a little two speed cordless that was a gift, all work well. Can ya tell I like these little "power tools"? RogerJ

In Response to: Re: Gotta Get Inlayed by sonny on Jul 10, 2005