Perimeter Lines

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 11, 2005

Yes, Dick R is correct -- perimiter lines are your friend! I added them to my Cormorant and Guillemot after find myself rather wishing I had them while splashing about practicing rescue stuff. Just yesterday I found the same to be true with my OI... so one of these days - as in soon - I will go ahead and rig them.

I have yet to figure a way around soft padeyes to run them, and they are most likely what I'll use. Dang it. You can't beat 'em for strength versus weight. Heck, you can't beat 'em for strength period.

By the way, that photo shows me attempting a balanced brace doing everything just exactly wrong. I have since rectified the error of my ways and nailed that sucker.

Cheers, Kurt

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