Gotta Get Inlayed

Posted by Monterey Matt on Jul 10, 2005

Boy oh boy, I actually got work done on the boat today. Got the bulkhead to deck fillets done, and I've sanded down all the parts to my hatches, and I have delusions about getting the hatches done in the evenings this week.

I have a couple of small inlays I wanted to put on the hatch covers. Why the hatch covers? Because I didn't think about inlays until the hull was all done.

The inlays are to be positioned between where the first and middle hatch straps are going to go across.

The instructions for the inlays say to use my router to make an excavation in the wood to the depth of the inlay. I don't have a router, needless to say, so I'm wondering if I can just chisel this out.

Complicating this slightly is that the inlays (a nice wooden hummingbird design) are round (about 2" diameter).

Obviously I'm not keen on ruining my hatches, so if anybody has some suggestions about how to excavate out a depression for the inlays without making them into a gouging chasmic hole, most appreciated.

BTW, I know that painting and varnishing are right around the corner, and our disgusting dirt pit of a garage is not the place to do it -- I've been worrying about this for 18 months now 8-) -- but we're moving in August and it appears the new place has a spot to do the varnishing and painting.