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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 10, 2005

My new Outer Island is boat number 7, I think, and I'm getting a pretty good feel for what I want and don't want when it comes to deck rigging.

First, I love having the two loops of bungee in front of the cockpit, a scheme gleaned from my mentor John Caldeira, up in Dallas. I use 'em all the time, and like 'em much better than an x-pattern. I carry all sorts of crap on my deck when I'm out fishing, but never wanted more than this. I prefer to keep my deck clear otherwise, but carry a small Pelican dry box for the car keys on the forward loop as a routine thing.

Then I love having a loop further up the bow, in front of the hatch. This baby catches rod tips and parks paddles, either a spare, or my regular paddle when performing a Hi-Yo Silver! self rescue. It's just plain handy and nice to have, and I find myself using it all the time too. Notice that it's not taught, but rigged loosely, so I can actually use it from my position back in the cockpit.

I also like an x-pattern behind the cockpit, as typically set up for the paddle float thing, although I have yet to actually obtain a paddle float (my inverted reentry-and-roll self-rescue is proven to be bombproof, and my Hi-Yo Silver! act ain't bad either). I use this for stowing fishing gear also, and occasionally carry my PFD there when operating in shallow water on long hot days -- otherwise I stow my PFD on my upper bod using the buckles and zipper it came equipped with.

I like a small loop on the stern, similar to the bow loop, for carrying a spare paddle, although I have yet to mount one on my OI. I'm kinda gettin' to where I want my spare paddle readily accessible from the cockpit.

I have used soft padeyes up until the OI, then dispensed with 'em as leaky and more than what's really needed. On this boat I've simply drilled undersized holes in the deck, and run the bungees through them with knots to keep 'em anchored. The bungees won't pass through the holes unless stretched considerably, and seal really well when relaxed. This also came from John, who, as is usual in this business, gleaned it from someone else up the line. Ain't it grand?

Anyway, that's my story, and I stick to it.

Cheers, Kurt

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