The Sharpie is a pretty

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jul 9, 2005

hot boat. Lots of sail area and not much hull weight. My wife and I combined weigh 270 - 275 and we have felt overpowered a few times sailing ours.

I suppose you COULD sail her single hand but you'd have to mess with the sheeting AND you'd have to have one sail or the other in a cleat ( I'm assuming that) which I really wouldn't want to do.

I am, as soon as I can get time, going to add a third mast step in ours so I can sail with just one sail, set on the correct COE. We feel that will give us more versatility. My thinking is to leave the fore mast in place and move the main mast forward. We then could fish form the forward section while sailing AND have half the sail area in heavier winds. PLus that sail can be reefed. DO get the reefing points- you WILL need them..

Of course we have consistently higher winds here on the Texas coast than most places on the east coast so you might not feel the same way once you sail one, but I'm betting you'll agree.

It's a fast, fun boat though.

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