Re: Crooked bow

Posted by Howard on Jul 8, 2005

i would look to correct this as well.

rule number 1, with respect to going forward; if you don't like how it looks prior to glueing, glueing won't fix the problem.

if the problem starts about two feet from the end i would use a thin saw to open up the seams back to that point and maybe 6 inches to a foot beyond. basically you are going to re-wire those panels ensuring that when they are rewired that they are true before glueing them again.

when you have warped wood usually the wiring process is all that is needed to get the pieces back into alignment....but you may have to have an assistant help you hold the pieces in proper alignment while you tighten up the wires.

it is also important that you really check the alignment before glueing next time. make sure you properly sight down the centre and the sides to ensure that the hull is even, fair and uniform. stepping far away from the boat is helpful for this. i also sometimes will employ a tightly pulled string to help me verify alignments.

if you post a picture, there may be more advice we can offer.

the Coho is a really pretty take your time and do a nice will get a lot of enjoyment from it.

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