Re: If parts have cured,

Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 8, 2005

I second what Charlie said. Measuring errors don't cure while improper mixing will do exactly what you have experienced - cure un evenly. Proper mixing is essential. That means (for me anyway) 2 minutes on little batches (an ounce or two) and 3 minutes on larger ones. I only mix batches of 6 ounces max. Scrape the container sides and bottom and really mix it. I like the plastic West System mixing sticks since they have a flat end that actually does scrape the bottom and corners of the containers. If you wipe them off they last for a whole project. If you are using wood craft sticks (tongue depressors) then just cut one end square.

The other thing is your comments on re-filling the container. The old epoxy left in your container will affect the next batch. Do not use a container for more than two batches in a row. I use a fresh container for every batch.

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