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Posted by Jay E. Morris on Jul 7, 2005

"Tell me about that cockpit, wouldja? I know a fella lives up by Inks Lake who just this morning wrote to say he'd like to try out a Ch17, and bein' dangnear 70 years old, he'd prolly like a roomier hole."

Ok, first off you take the aft piece and cut out the hole for the cockpit. Then you realize what you really had was the fore deck piece. This is were you realize you ain't gonna have a keyhole cockpit anymore, stop, and go tape fore and aft signs on the shell. And that you really should buy better lights if you're going to work after dark. Luckily, because I'd tried something else different all was not totally lost. Instead of scarfing the point, I used two butt joints on each side at the cockpit, with a filler piece of plywood in between the two deck pieces. This meant that I'd only cut about two-thirds of what I would have out of the fore deck. So I cut the real aft deck cockpit hole to size, drew lines across the butt joints to join the two semi-circles and cut away. The coaming was done as you do. The only problem was that when I cut all the bead and cove strips out of my three pieces of redwood, I discovered all three pieces were white through and through. ARRRGGG. Being too cheap to go buy another piece, I just used them and that's why it white instead of striped. The rim is ash, again as you did oh, master..sorry, got carried away there, but might not be as thick as it should.

So, all in all, it turned out to be the perfect size for a slim fat boy. If I'd done the standard hole, I'd probably have to carry a shoehorn. Although it does just barely fit my CLC spray skirt.

Anyone that doesn't understand the proceeding, have a case of beer and try again. Maybe two. If you did understand it without benefit of alcohol, proceed straight to the nearest mental health facility and check yourself in.

Anyway, I'm off the a meeting tonight. Tomorrow I will take measurements of the whole and send them along.

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