Re: zen relationship w/ b

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 7, 2005

mullman sez: ..."Now I just want to sit in the garage and look at my boat..."

Ha ha ha, you NUT! Ain't NOBODY else does THAT, right, gang? I said, RIGHT, GANG???

Men, there's some profound wisdom on this board this morning. Roger warns not to swoon and fall on something sharp... Yup, safety first, by golly! Then Joe warns against rushing towards the light, once you see it. Boy, you oughta see homebuilt airplane people sometimes -- they work for TEN YEARS on their project, then understandably rush through the last finishing steps and produce almost sickening looking results! No, this doesn't happen to all of 'em, but I've seen it more'n once. Heck, I do it all the time myself. So yeah, try to pace yourself... Steady, boy...

Cheers, Kurt

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