Re: 30 lbs.

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 6, 2005

Hey Joe, tell the lovely lady I said "yer welcome", and thank YOU for the kind words too. Knowing my web efforts helps just makes my day, since my single greatest wish is to give back for all that has been so freely given to me. Ain't it grand?

Those soft padeyes originally came from Joe Greenley, at Redfish Kayaks (a purveyor of strip-bilt kayak plans and finished custom boats). He didn't HAFFTA tell everyone and their uncle about his innovation, but as is typical in the wooden kayak community, he did, and freely too. Gotta love it!

But what did you mean when you said, on another thread, "47 lbs fully rigged. I also liked the webbing screwed to the sides of the boat."...? I took it to mean you liked the "CLC padeyes" screwed into the sheer clamps.

Cheers, kurt

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