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Posted by J.Schott on Jul 6, 2005

The veneer is mottled makore. It is adhered using contact cement and the rolled with a laminate roller to flatten it out. I had to make a pattern before cutting the the veneer. The center is actually 4 pieces, the two sheets butted together and the front and back had to be made seprately because of the curve of the foredeck. All the sheets were cut oversize at the butt joints and where they ran over the edge of the deck. They were then trimmed to final size when adhered. The black stripe is a material called Inlace, which is a polyester material designed for inlays in wood turnings. It is a great material to make decorative stripes that are buried under the fiberglass and epoxy for protection. The makore was very brittle and not very forgiving, so I couldn't wait to get it under epoxy to protect it. The rest is standard finishing from then on. Thanks agian guys-Joey

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