Re: 30 lbs.

Posted by J.Schott on Jul 6, 2005

First I want to thank all of you for your kind compliments. It means a lot to me since you are fellow builders who have also built some beautiful boats.

As far as the mods go, it is 2 inches narrower than the lt's plans. I also added a "pointed" stern like the AH and NB, which in turn created more flair from the cockpit back. The sheer clamps are only 3/8" thick and the deck beam is 2 layers of 4mm laminated together and mortised into the sheer clamps for maximum strength without fasteners. The side panels and deck are 3mm and carbon fiber cloth was used in the cockpit to add rigidity. End pours and fillets were kept to a minimum without sacrificing strength. The rigging will be soft-padeyes and the usual shock cord arrangement, no fasteners. Kurt, I got the info from your original site a few years ago for the soft padeyes and they are now on all of my boats. In fact your site was the one I kept referring to when I first got into this hobby/obsession. My wife says "thanks" ;)-Joey

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