Re: let cure overnight?

Posted by Mislav on Jul 6, 2005

Crystal, I believe the only answer is: you'll see it next morning. This is highly dependent on the temperature, the type of hardener and probably other factors too. It also depends on what you want to do with it. If it's just recoating without moving epoxied pieces around I guess tack-free time is sufficient.

Don't worry, you'll easily see this. If you're uncertain, for the beginning it helps to apply a bit of epoxy of the similar thicknes on some scrap wood and try whatever you wish (razor, scraper, fingernail) on this first. In any case if you can distort the epoxy like soft rubber or hot plastics don't move it. I would also try to stick to manufacturer's advices. Mine for example says 24 hrs at 21 degree celzius. Around 30 that would be 12 hours I believe.

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