Re: Graphite/Cabosil Pic

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jul 6, 2005

Mix the epoxy first, then add the graphite (10% v/v), mix well, then add the cabosil to the graphite mixture, just enough to slightly change the color. It is important to note that you should NOT get any thickening action from the Cabosil. Brush the mixture on to the hull which has been previously taped using electrical tape or something similar to outline the area to be coated. You can tip it off with a thin foam roller to make it look smooth. You can add a second layer after the first coat becomes tacky to touch. I figure you need only two coats.

To reitterate: this is a composite mixture - not a multilayered process. Mix everything together and brush on. Also, you DO NOT VARNISH the blackened surface. Varnish will not stick to it and will shed itself within the first two paddling trips you make after coating. The varnish won't stick because of the graphite. The grahite will provide ample UV protection so varnishing is a redundant act anyway.

Robert N Pruden

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