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Posted by J.Schott on Jul 5, 2005

"Professionally built"? "10 1/5 inches"? I guess that explains the difference in the finish directly in the middle of the patch. I have not measured the front bungees on mine, but I am certian it is way more than 10.5". I'm going to go on a little bit of a rant here, I can't help it. I looked at what ebay had to offer and got a little mad. Of all the boats that were "professionally built", one of them looked the part. All that I saw were overweight and the interiors looked like they thought none of it would ever be seen. Seems to me a professionally built boat would come in, at or below advertised weight. There was a builder at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak festival, exhibiting his boats for sale. He claimed to be a professional builder, but after taking a quick look at his boats I had to leave his booth before I got too mad. He said that all I had to do is choose a color and he would build one for me, and I politely replied, "I already have two", as I hurried away from his booth. They were awful! It made me mad because a first time builder could do a better job and spend less than half what he was charging. Seems to me these "professional builders" are doing harm to CLC's reputation by passing off inferior products to unsuspecting buyers. The sad thing is that they would realize it when they compared it to a home-built boat that someone put their heart and soul into the build. Just my opinion-Joey

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