Re: metered pumps

Posted by Jay on Jul 5, 2005

check out your local vet. They have little plastic cups supplied by the dog food mfg. They have precise lines on them. simply put an amount of resin in one cup, then half as much in another. mix the two together and pour back and forth making sure that you scrape the stuff off the sides. My vet is happy to get rid of these things and I pick them up by the dozen. Of course I also buy my dog food there at exorbitant prices. I learned this after building my first boat and used raca epoxy. They didn't provide a pump. This is also a good way to check your pumps of course. Oh, the raca seemed rather volatile compared to mas. After a few minutes it would sort of foam up and get really hot and let off some rather nasty fumes. I like the mas a lot better.

The long and short of this is if you don't have a dog you should really get one then you can get these really neat cups and you'll have a good friend who won't judge a little flaw in your boat, he'll be glad to ride around in just about anything as long as he's with you.


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