Re: Dynel vs. Brass?

Posted by CLC on Jul 5, 2005

My reflection is that the Dynel system is a little more durable than the Arctic Hawk's, after observing examples of both in our display fleet grind on beaches at scores of demos.

The brass strips seem like a very involved installation. I've put the brass strips on a lot of traditional smallcraft (they are standard in the Nutshell & Shellback dinghy kits we make for WoodenBoat Mag), but never on a kayak. Certainly the brass is the most indestructible of the anti-wear strips.

We have a hundred offcuts of the expensive brass rubstrips sitting in the shop. Maybe someone will write a ShopTip for the next Newsletter...

In Response to: Dynel vs. Brass? by terry on Jul 5, 2005