Eastport Mast Step

Posted by CLC on Jul 5, 2005

I've emailed Mr. Nelson offline. Doubtless a frightening failure.

Out of about 500 Eastport Prams I know of one mast step that let go; the screws had split the solid wood mast step risers in that case.

I've sailed our fleet of Eastport Prams far and wide. Two memorable outings in winds of 18-22 knots include a wild sail on San Francisco Bay and an entire week of 20kt+ winds in St. Simons, Georgia, sailing off the beach in big surf.

The photo below was taken in a freezing 18-20kt blow. I think that's hull #1, about 1999.


Eastport Pram

In Response to: Eatport Pram Help! by Wilke Nelson on Jul 4, 2005