Re: metered pumps

Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 5, 2005

The pumps often are a bit out of whack. Do a test. Weigh a batch. There should be 2.33 hardener to resin by weight for plain System 3. The actual ratio is 43H/100 hardener since the hardener is less dense than the resin. Weigh 1 pump of each. If its not right then you can just note that and adjust your batches or fiddle with the hardener restrictor. For example - my current pumps are light by 1 gram of resin so if I just mixed by pumps then I would have extra resin when I ran out of hardener. I mix by weight so its not a big deal - also the error is within the margin of "ok" by System 3.

In Response to: metered pumps by Donny on Jul 5, 2005