And the answer is..

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Jul 5, 2005

I asked about the combing, about the blue stipe, and if the wide stipe didn't force the width of the fore bungees to be compessed.

"The combing is on rightside up, I routed the top 1/4 inch to smooth out the edge, but it does still have an inverted angle to hold a skirt. The blue stripe is mostly for decoration, however, it does cover an error that I made. No worries, the error was painstaikingly fiberglassed and corrected. The bungee cords are 10 1/2 inches, front to back. They weren't compressed at all. As you can see, I have room left toward the cockpit. Thanks for the questions "

In Response to: Re: Interesting Coaming by J.Schott on Jul 4, 2005