Heat Gun

Posted by CLC on Jul 4, 2005

Try the heat gun (or a hair drier). It might just work, if you're within 24 hours or so of gluing.

From there, you have some options. One approach would be to cut the offending scarf apart and shave a new scarf joint on the two parts with a sharp block plane. This is way easier to do than it sounds, although of course your 16LT will be 1.25" shorter. (Obviously you'd need to cut a scarf on the other side panel to match. BUT, you could leave the bottom panel alone and just take the extra length off the extreme stern. Won't hurt anything.)

An in-between approach would be to use the Arctic Hawk's butt joint system---turn to Page 35 in The Good Book, follow the instructions, and off you go. It works. You'd just cut the side panels apart at the scarf joints to do this; ditto above on the bottom panels.

Another possibility: a 16LT side is only a few days away from our shop to yours.

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