Re: Greenland Paddle Ques

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 4, 2005

I use an Onno paddle, feathered, and now am gradually coming to use my GP more and more. The lack of "feathering" just hasn't been an issue... I guess there's too many other things to worry with that keep me distracted.

Some folks try a GP and it's "ooooh, BABY -- where have you BEEN all my life???" Others, like me, say "geez, this carryin' a pea-shooter into a firefight..." Either way, the GP is a whole 'nuther technique, and once mastered (or in my case, some ground is gained), the differences are wonderful to behold, and you end up being mighty happy they're there!

There's huge advantages to having a straight paddle, y' know... and this from a feathered Euro paddle user. Particularly when you get into more advanced skills where the paddle is maneuvered at, and under, the surface more and more.

Case in point: yesterday I (finally) nailed the "balanced skulling brace", where you lay the kayak on its side and stay there for as long as you like, with your face out of the water. This little maneuver may not be so easy with my Euro paddle (haven't had a chance to try it yet). In fact, I know it won't be -- the GP is a MUCH easier paddle to skull with anytime.

I shall be careful to avoid using terms like "switched", or "converted", however, when talking about boat and/or paddle styles. I say, try 'em all and use 'em all, and don't get caught up in anyone's dogma. Do what's FUN!

Cheers, Kurt

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