Heat gun

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Jul 4, 2005

I have actually used a heat gun to seperate two pieces of epoxied wood that had set for about 24 hours. It was NOT as large as the panel scarf, they were 1x4s scarfed (this was a non-kayak screw-up for once). The thing is that you've got to keep the heat moving so that it soaks through the wood evenly to the epoxy and doesn't get one spot so hot that it burns the wood. Took me about an hour. And a heat gun surely will burn if left aimed at one spot two long. You may actually have an easier time because yours, while wider, isn't nearly as thick.

My kayak scarf screw-up was that one slipped and I had a complete gap. That could be sawn apart, sanded and re-epoxied.

Best of luck.

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