Re: Greenland Paddle Ques

Posted by Mac on Jul 4, 2005


The style of paddling with a GP precludes feathering. The hands slide up and down the blades with each stroke.

I too, am in the process of carving a GP but I fear I may have problems paddling properly with it as my coaming is relatively high at the front of the cockpit.

Oh well, only costs a few bucks to find out (and I got to use making it as an excuse to buy a little band saw). If it doesn't really work out, I think I'll make a little GP storm paddle any way, to store on my deck and to swat at PWC idiots who get too close.

Matt, I agree - see if you can try one - in YOUR kayak.


In Response to: Greenland Paddle Question by Matt Croce on Jul 3, 2005