Re: kayak weight limits

Posted by Howard on Jul 3, 2005

typically as you get outside of the weight limits the performance of a kayak becomes compromized becuase it won't sit on the lines it is designed to sit on (it will either sit too far above the water...or lower than expected). different designs respond very differently to either underweight or overweight conditions. in some cases, the compromize is hard to feel, in other cases, being outside the weight range can make the boat really hard to handle.

the best thing to do is find an owner of the boat in the area and try it out.

as to your son and his rapid growth, i would certainly consider going up to the pax 20. the other thing to consider...and this is why you ought to try these boats out, is shoe size. the pax 20 is up to size 12...the 18 is only to size 11. neither of these boats are overly roomy so a test fit would be a good idea.

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