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Posted by Howard on Jul 3, 2005

am not sure that i understand completely the let me try this...

if i have to buy more product regardless of which way i want to go...MAS or System 3....i would invest in buying new material that matches the "newest" old material i have. (which sounds like MAS). you have already proven that the existing supply of MAS just need to fill it out so you can complete the project.

i am not a fan of switching brands in the middle of a project even though i have been told it can safely be done....and i am not a fan of trying to mix 9 year old system 3 resin with new hardnener...i would want to make sure that the formulation has not changed during these 9 years.

at a minimum, if i were to consider trying to salvage the 9 year old system 3 resin, i would call the system three technical support number: and get their view on if this is smart and i would certainly do a small test of the epoxy to ensure that it works as expected before committing to a large section.


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