What to do, What to do??

Posted by RonC on Jul 3, 2005

Here's my delima. I have a 1 gallon and 1 qt of System three resin that we got when we bought my wife's P***Y Osprey kit from a private individual. We ASS-Umed that the Qt bottle was hardener since the label was obliteratd from the surface of the bottle. Well, we used the leftover Mas epoxy from her Ch17 and some of the Mas from my Ch 18 to build the P***Y. So, now that I'm down to my last 1/2 gal of Mas and I still have to do the stern end pour (note: Sys 3 1 oz resin + 2 oz resin + wood flour will NOT cure, don't ask how I know)deck glass etc.

My question is will the new System 3 Silvertip hardener, work with 9yr old System 3 resin? Or should I just cut my losses and get another qt of MAS and toss the Sys 3 resin to finish up the Ch 18?