Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 17, 2005

Good to hear from you amigo! I STILL want some o' dat Dutch oven cookin'!! By George, but you guys looked like y'all were having FUN at the Bash!!! (And folks, Mike's Skerry was a knock-out punch at the Bash)

Working fast is easy here in Texas, boy... you oughta know THAT. In fact, it's mandatory! Epoxy begins to kick in like 30 seconds, and hardens in four hours easy when the ambient temps (in the shade) crowd a hunnerd. While I don't mind working in a sauna - I do it all the time, eh Charlie? - I'll be danged if I'll ever launch another summertime boat project (Charlie sez "what a wuss").

Hey, an' lissen up buddy -- I actually set my forward bulkhead way forward like yer supposed to, and installed (Yakima) foot braces (cut down to 8" rails), so you can actually FIT into it! I did it this way primarily so I can carry an ice chest between my feet and the wall, and it works very well.

You BET it'll be at the Bash next year on April the 29th at Huntsville State Park. Better make yer reservations now...

Cheers, Kurt

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